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Jillian Summerrrrr!

oh man, how sweet.

Jillian Summer
14 July
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I am Jillian Summer.

As I have said many times before, I write a lot. Be it notebooks, this livejournal, facebook notes, whatever- I write. I am a Choctawhatchee Style Marcher, and I love it more than anything combined. I play trumpet! I walk places most of the time, voluntarily. I take pictures of beautiful things with my little Kodak EasyShare every day. I still colour with crayons. I'm bad at HTML and woodwind instruments. I love changes of season, even if my sinuses don't. I'm a sucker for light and colour, candy, and good songs. I laugh a lot, and smilie even more. Hugs are the best; I give everyone a hug.
This livejournal's goal is to document my little teenage adventures so I can look back five or six years from now and see that I in fact was pretty hilarious, or something.